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Welcome to our clinic and congratulations for taking steps toward improving your health!

Your first visit will last approximately one hour and includes a complete health history, complete orthopedic, neurological and physical examination, and a nutritional evaluation. Dr. Coppola will begin by listening to your desires and needs as an individual. What do you most want to change and improve about your heath and body? After your examination, she will help determine the causes which may be creating your symptoms. As a team, you will develop a plan to reduce the pain and correct the causes of imbalance.

Dr. Coppola offers 15 and 30 minute follow up visits. Your desire to succeed is the key to healing. If you follow through with the process and are consistent, you will open the door to successful healing and wellness.

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MRI, X Rays, or Lab Tests:
You may need to be referred out for additional outside tests to clarify your diagnosis.

Possible Reactions:
When adjustments are first given the majority of patients feel better within hours balance you will feel changes. Do not be alarmed if you feel warmth, flushing, tingling, and mild muscle awareness.

Minor conditions can be corrected with a few adjustments since the body has less need of repair. More serious conditions require more adjustments and therefore may take the patient a longer time to experience improvement.

The Healing Process:
Regular treatment and time to heal will be necessary to make these corrections.

Healing can depend on several factors:
Following instructions and recommendations
Your age and length of time you have had the problem
Occupational stressors
Cooperation in keeping appointments
Regular exercise
Adequate rest
Stress level
Nutritional habits

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